Color is a person’s best interpretation of life and pursuit of life. When the cool color is not enough to show a deep charm, the warm color is used to match; when the warm color is not enough to show the calm temperament, the cool color is combined. A person’s state of mind can be interpreted by color, the tension of color is unparalleled, it is a potential force that will affect your bit of view of things.
The most beautiful bright yellow

Recommended Stone: Giallo Fiorito

Yellow is a noble color, because it represents the right as high as the sun, but I prefer his other interpretation, warm, bright, and pleasant. When Van Gogh looked out through a virtual window in the small city of Arles, in addition to the deep starry sky and sunflowers, he also saw the most beautiful sun.

Giallo Fiorito granite

Golden classic luxury
Recommended stone: Golden Persa

The trend may overwhelm the historical rings with time, and only the classics, standing proudly in the long river of time, enduring. The classic golden system is a reflection of elegance and nobility, and it comes from the style of the deep heart of the true aristocracy. The space rendered by it conveys a royal-like beauty, the dazzling golden light radiates a gorgeous light and shadow in a room.

Golden Persa granite

Low-key fashion gray

Recommended Stone: Aran White,White Diamon

High-grade gray, exudes poetic temperament in tranquility, low-key, simple and refined. The world of high-grade gray penetrates the modernist style, removes the complicated and lengthy carvings, and feels elegance between breathing. From then on, the taste and temperament belong to you.

river white granite

Mysterious and elegant black

Recommended Stone: Cosmic black

Black is a popular fashion color that will never go out of fashion. It is mysterious and contains power. It has always been present in the fashion circle like a legend. Heavy color.

Cosmic black granite

The passion of red

Recommended stone: Juparanna Bordeaux

The passionate red is a timeless classic no matter what style of building it is used in. It is either self-willed or calm and luxurious. It is a color full of passion for life, in order to highlight overflowing happiness and contentment, but also to interpret youth and vitality.

Juparanna Bordeaux granite
Quiet and noble white

Recommended stone: river white, white rose

Pure and beautiful, with no dust at all; white is a symbol of purity, purity, and sacredness. Modern society regards white as a high-grade aesthetic symbol. White is full of irresistible temperament.

Aran White granite