Architecture is alive
Although it is frozen
But it contains humanistic thoughts


It is the foundation of human beings, the foundation of emotions
It’s the relying in the wind and rain
It’s the fire on the cold winter night
It is also the shadow of the candle shaking in front of the window when it rains in Bashan


SH6011 is mainly black and white tones, simple and clear, clean and refreshing, showing a sense of high quality. As a decorative choice, it is not only not monotonous, but full of texture, and the layering of texture is looming, making the indoor light more transparent and bright.


Is the root of life growth
Busy and busy, taste the heart of the wind and snow
Only under the influence of home can we emit the light of Wei Xi


SH6017 looks like a single gray and white, but does not require extra pattern decoration. The combination of depth and softness between the textures complements each other, and it is often the simplest embellishment to add a natural and refreshing atmosphere to the interior.


It’s Wenchun to melt the knot
Is the delicate touch of dust
Is the harmony of happiness
Is a heaven that can accept souls

SH6033 uses high-grade gray as the main color and white as the background color. The natural and smooth texture lines and the perfect combination of light brighten the entire space. Make the space unique, and the quartz stone is clean and refreshing. Only two high chairs are needed. Occasionally, friends can gather for drinks and tea, and the atmosphere is full.


The meaning of home
In our hearts
Not disturbed by the world
Far away
Like gurgling clear stream
Ten thousand lights at night
It is the humble and pious blessing of every star


SH6036 is also mainly light-colored, the overall clean and fresh, stable but playful style, giving people a comfortable and relaxed feeling.
The right texture makes the overall space refreshing and comfortable, and the decoration of a pot of green plants is more natural. The entire space uses simple and elegant soft colors to create a tranquil and clear atmosphere.


Can be transformed into tranquility
Only the beauty of peace will calm down
Taste sweetness and warmth from the slightly bitter years

SH6013 is like the fragrance of moonlight scattered in the soil
It tastes like home
Gentle and graceful
The balcony has a wide view, plenty of light, pleasant scenery, picturesque, and a relaxing and comfortable place
Emerging quartz stone, customize your exclusive space taste.