White, the origin of the world’s colors; white, the supreme choice for tasteful people. Bordeaux white, elegant and clean style, light texture, such as jade texture, transcendent taste, can be used as decoration materials of noble spaces such as hotel lobby, mansion club, various countertops, natural elegance and unique taste.

beauty white

Bordeaux White granite slab

Bordeaux white is suitable for modern style. Because of its quiet, elegant, soft and rustic decoration style, it is loved by modern young people. The modern and simple style reveals a low-key luxury beauty.、

Bordeaux White granite slab (2)

The quiet space, even the air is so laid-back, the delicate and smooth texture brings a fresh visual impact between the square inches; the clear and refined color makes the space exude a distinctive and elegant connotation.

Bordeaux White granite slab (3)

Bordeaux white granite can always bring a quiet feeling, quiet or even unwilling to disturb, you can cook delicious food in this kitchen space that is completely yours. The dynamic and charming tableware complements the entire kitchen space, making people’s “cooking” come naturally.

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It has a soft and harmonious feeling, like the first light in the morning, through the window into the house, fresh, clean and refreshing. Appreciate life leisure in a fresh breath, feel like walking in the nature, give people a sense of fashion and nobility, yet elegant.

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