What is “Buddha”? Light, low desire, low saturation, is a master of coldness and minimalism. Living in such a space may be more casual and comfortable.

The “Buddha style” provides a living atmosphere of returning to the original,
Abandon the complexity, return to self, see the nature clearly, consciously introspect, experience change and eternity in the long years.
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Recommend SH5055
The emerging quartz stone designer follows the design rule of “less is more” in Buddhist design.
The style is introverted and white space is emphasized, simple and complicated, giving people endless aesthetic imagination.
Concise and clear, no extra decoration, full of empty inspiration.
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The Buddhism represents a lifestyle without desire and desire, and SH5055 uses soft colors,
Close to nature, not ostentatious, not exaggerated, with earth color and simple white as the main color,
It can be matched with green plants to reflect the realm of elegance and Zen.

calacatta verona wall
SH5055 has a large area of ​​pure white background,
It looks concise and clear, giving people a delicate and light feeling.
The pure white space inside also gives residents a feeling of ease and freedom.
You can not only enjoy your own private space, but also enjoy afternoon tea time with your friends in the backyard.
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The rooms all use SH5055 large area of ​​white + gray texture, and at the same time, according to the different preferences of different homeowners,
The room decorations are also matched with different soft furnishings, which also reflect the style and mood of the residents.

carrara quartz stone wall
With the diversification of modern home furnishing needs and the continuous improvement of people’s aesthetics, the casual freedom of the Buddhist style is popular
The emerging quartz stone has been given more possibilities,
Not only makes the space more beautiful, but also develops more application possibilities. Xinxing has always been committed to making products full of art, thus creating more surprises for the space.

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Qingyi originated in the floating world,
Disturbance ends in the heart,
Perhaps, Buddhism is your exclusive style.

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Pay attention to products and services, build brand reputation, embrace changes and innovate development in the era of rapid development,
Emerging quartz stone, born for quality!