Granite is loved by more and more families with its wear-resisting and oil-resisting characteristic. Granite countertop also becomes the first selection of kitchen natural stone countertop. But granite countertops are expensive and expensive to repair and replace. Granite countertop installation is not suitable for DIY, which requires Professional installer’s professional installation technology.

Remove old countertops, sinks, and cookers before installing granite countertops. The work can be done by the owner himself. Then order the granite countertops from the granite countertops manufacturer. The manufacturing company will send someone to measure the size of the kitchen floor and cabinets. Installers will also pay attention to the location of electrical outlets. If you need to install some special equipment during the installation process, the installer will also tell you how many  stylolite are needed.

To prevent granite countertops from breaking, wood and metal rods are added during the installation to ensure the countertops are level and to support them. With this in mind, the installers already know how thick the support plate is required for the granite countertops. After the countertops is cut, they can start installation. Sealing at the seams will further protect the granite countertops.

Common mistakes in installing granite countertops

1. Installing granite countertops is similar to installing concrete countertops. The only difference is that granite is more expensive than concrete, so there is no room for error in the installation process. Even the smallest error in measurement can cause the granite countertop installation to fail.

2. The most common mistake in granite countertop installation is a measurement error. Installers and owners may misremember or misread the measurements on the meter. These errors can result in the purchase of countertop that is either too large or too small, or even  purchased more than or less than the required number of countertop.

How to prevent mistakes when installing granite countertop

Accurate measurement. Since the first step in the installation is measurement, measurement is crucial. Therefore, the measuring device should be accurate. Do not use obsolete or inaccurate measuring devices. If you are not sure about the measurement results, it is better to ask a professional to do the measurement. After all, granite countertop installers are more experienced in this area than you are.

Conceive and design the effect drawing after granite countertop is installed. Send the renderings to your installer. This helps the installer determine the shape, size, and thickness of the surface. This way, the installer doesn’t have to guess what shape and size you want.

Believe in professional granite installers. Please note that the installer is more experienced in this particular area than you are. You can have preliminary consultations with him to determine what you want and what works. Be sure to communicate with the installer as soon as possible. He can build on your ideas and come up with feasible Suggestions that will not only improve the appearance of the granite countertops, but also improve the overall function.