October is the peak season for home improvement industry.

Many people choose to renovate at this time.

Autumn decoration has paint, paint is easy to dry,

Wooden boards are not prone to moisture and other benefits.

However, there are a few things to note!

granite project

First, paint the wall to prevent cracking

The temperature and humidity in autumn are very suitable for wall decoration. Whether it is scraping putty, painting or gypsum screed, it dries faster, but it is also easy to cause the wall to crack due to too fast drying. Therefore, after painting the wall, you should keep the doors and windows closed, or ventilate only in the morning and evening, and always keep the wall naturally dry.

Background wall  quartz project

Two,Anti-drying of wood materials

Many wood materials are generally used in home decoration, and the dry weather in autumn will easily cause the wood materials to dry out. Therefore, the wood used for decoration in autumn should be avoided in the vent.

living room quartz project

Three,style should be appropriate for all seasons

The weather is getting colder in autumn, people will prefer to choose warm colors to get visual “warmth”. However, the decoration is to create a living environment suitable for the four seasons. Therefore, the design must be considered comprehensively and objectively, and the appropriate colors must be selected.

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Fourth, pay attention to fire prevention during construction

Many materials in the decoration materials, such as paints and coatings, are flammable, so pay attention to fire prevention during construction. Paints, thin materials and other flammable materials should be stored away from fire sources, in a cool, ventilated and safe place, and equipped with fire fighting equipment.

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Five, should be prepared in advance

Because it is the decoration season, there may be shortages of decoration materials and insufficient decoration staff, so you must plan ahead to avoid delaying the construction period. If the designer needs to help design the plan, it is necessary to reserve the time for the plan modification in advance.