Black, basically defined as no visible light entering the visual range. Black is a very powerful color, it can be solemn and elegant, highlighting the brilliance of other colors; it can also be reserved for silence, simple and neat. The main color of the emerging stone, the Milky Way, is black, and the texture is evenly distributed in stripes. It is like a yellow satin on the black satin, giving a sense of stability and nobility. It is used in decorative design to Its unique texture color and vivid lines highlight the owner’s extraordinary taste and artistic accomplishment.

Galaxy black granite

Black always plays the noble and classic in the fashion world. With its unique charm, Galaxy Star has become more and more popular with natural granite stone, because it has superior anti-dirty, anti-wear, anti-pressure and mysterious and elegant appearance. People love it. Today, the Galaxy Starry Granite has been used by some prestigious projects.

Galaxy granie slab

Cosmic Black Granite Slabs is like the king of the night. Its color is like the nighttime silence and mystery. Its texture is domineering and gorgeous. Therefore, no matter with other colors or paving alone, the texture effect is three-dimensional and realistic, and the decorative space is natural and atmospheric, which is more noble and domineering. . Suitable for the pursuit of high quality and personalized modern home style.

Galaxy Starry Sky granite

Black is the background color, and the lines flowing like gold sand are beautiful and charming.

With natural noble texture, the picture is delicate and realistic, the pattern effect is closer to natural natural, the shape is flowing, mysterious and romantic, and the lines are distinct.

The black gold texture has the thick feeling of natural stone, and the deep artistic conception creates a quiet space, always giving a refined and nostalgic impression.