As a designer, are you good at driving neutral colors? Yellow is one of them. The reason why yellow natural stone is popular is because yellow has high transparency and warm color, which usually represents noble, luxurious and bright. For today’s people, enjoy the noble, luxurious life and the desire to admire humanity, the pursuit of light and freedom, so the most important consideration for people’s decoration in recent years is the yellow stone.

Yellow granite is a huge presence in the stone collection, and is widely used by interior and exterior designers due to its palatial tones and unweathering characteristics. Due to its soft texture, beautiful and solemn, and elegant style, the yellow granite can meet the designer’s philosophy to achieve honor and authority, adding a stunning effect to the architectural design.

Golden Persa

Golden Persa,The texture is smooth, the golden light is embellished, the natural green and black stripes and the golden dots shine, showing a noble and elegant style with unique style.

Golden Persa granite slab


Giallo Fiorito

Giallo Fiorito,The natural texture is like the golden rice floating in the late autumn. The texture is delicate and natural, giving a feeling of warmth, comfort and elegance.

Giallo Fiorito granite slab

Golden Crema

Golden Crema,Its golden and black texture is striking and its texture is thick, representing loyalty, perseverance and enthusiasm.

Golden Crema granite slab

Colombo Gold

The Columbus Golden Hemp texture features a golden gradient, the twisted and curved lines, and the three-dimensional visual shock, just like being in the middle of the desert, just looking for a new continent, the whole space is full of strong cultural and historical charm.

Colombo Gold granite slabs


Golden Dream

Golden Dream,The patchwork texture is melted into the soft golden color, the pattern is even and detailed, the gloss is high, and the euphemistic and feminine appearance is presented in the space. The decorative space has unique luxury and softness.

Golden Dream granite slab