Space is the condensation of emotion and experience, and design is to shape it from an artistic perspective to construct the poetic vibe of the space. How to design and decorate the TV background wall to make the living room look advanced, use minimalist techniques to amplify the color and texture of the material itself, let the rational minimalist base extend the exquisiteness and sentiment full of vitality, and show high-end luxury.

[SH6036] The use of textures and color ratios are ingenious and precise, the space is transparent and light, and stretches out a natural and comfortable atmosphere, which adjusts the viewer’s mood without any trace. If you want the space to appear more refined and hierarchical, add decorative lines to the wood on both sides, embellishment with the texture of metal or black glass, to make the space appear richer and more upscale.

SH6036 quartz stone slab

quartz stone TV backdrop


[SH6025] It is magnificent and magnificent to match the space as a whole, and when you see it up close, it has almost no trace but contains detailed ingenuity. The rich changes between high and low, advancing and retreating, are not only full of interest in visual sense, but also give the space more aesthetic depth and refinement.

SH6025quartz stone slab

quartz stone TV wall

[SH6033] Echoing the space concept that life is art, the designer uses soft sofas, desks, and tatami mats to build a reading space for the family to live together, making the living scenes that happen all the time the most beautiful decoration in this corner.

SH6033 quartz stone slab

calcatta quartz stone TV wall

[SH6011] In the simple tone, orange dining chairs and decorative paintings continue the rhythm, with marble dining tables and metal chandeliers. The space blends between the two dimensions of simplicity and fashion, and together renders the artistic style of the space to the extreme.

SH6011quartz stone slab

black calcatta quartz TV wall

[SH6017] Smooth lines and minimalist colors match the background wall for modeling, suitable for some European and American styles, and the overall effect is very elegant and high-end. This kind of collocation is suitable for some decoration styles such as Chinese, classic, light luxury, etc., with a calm tone to bring a solemn sense of space.

SH6017 quartz slab

white calcatta quartz slab stone tv wall

The TV wall is a place that most people care about in the decoration of homes. Therefore, the TV wall has also derived a variety of shapes or functional designs. Recommended-the TV wall design used by emerging quartz stone, through such a simple and exquisite design, The unique and high-end TV wall is installed, and this simple and fashionable combination brings a modern and elegant sense of space, which is very simple and natural, suitable for modern and simple style. Emerging quartz stone-interpretation of texture and light luxury

Quartz stone decoration has become a fashion mainstream, choose quartz stone as decoration materials,

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